Hoytom Universal Tensile Machine – DI-CP/V2

The DI-CP / V2 model, which belongs to the PRO series, is designed to perform tensile, compression, bending and shear tests, with nominal capacities between 1500 and 2000kN. The traction is always carried out by means of the hydraulic jaws that are in the lower area, and the compression in the upper test area.

In the DI-CP / V2 model, the crossbar that supports the piston can be moved electromechanically by means of spindles, which allows the capacity to vary between jaws. This gives the machine great flexibility for a wide range of applications.

Each machine comes with Hoytom’s HoyWin ® test control software and our custom designed electronics. This allows to achieve maximum performance, precision, and usability, using it in a simple and intuitive way.

Some of the applications of these models are the testing of metals, cables, screws, concrete, composites, etc.