The compact and mobile 3D structured light scanner

Fast and highly accurate, the SmartScan optical 3D scanner is among the leading measurement solutions for complex surface geometries and fragile or deformable parts where portability is a necessity.

The non-contact structured light scanning technology of the SmartScan enables very fast data acquisition at a high level of detail. The scanner’s compact design and low weight allow for fully mobile usage, including within challenging workshop conditions. Even under the demands of temperature fluctuation, the scanner maintains extremely stable and reliable performance, based on its carbon-fibre structure.


Available in various system configurations, the SmartScan ensures effective and affordable area scanner measurement performance across applications including quality control, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping.

The system is also compatible with a high-end photogrammetry system from the DPA Series, allowing even considerably larger objects to be captured and digitised down to the minutest detail with the white light scanning technology of the SmartScan.

With the SmartScan, objects are digitised within seconds, irrespective of their size and complexity, and are directly available as high-precision 3D data in numerous standard formats for further processing.