Simple and precise optical 3D scanning

The PrimeScan optical 3D scanner line from Hexagon is an attractive entry-level solution for highly precise 3D digitisation of industrial components. Like other Hexagon structured light scanner models, the PrimeScan is based on fringe projection technology that provides the strongest luminous power and highest projection quality.


The area scanner boasts an extremely compact design, with the base area of the unit the size of an A4 sheet of paper, while it weighs less than four kilograms. This condensed layout is combined with a short working distance, making the PrimeScan the ideal device for easy and uncomplicated scanning in special application areas, such as on a desktop or in a narrow and difficult to access part of an industrial environment. The rigid design of PrimeScan also makes it suitable for use on robots.

The particularly powerful projector of the PrimeScan allows for the scanning of glossy and dark surfaces without pre-treatment, while the scanner’s integrated laser pointers support the easy positioning of the measuring object. Selected robots and accessories enable both automated measurement and easy data acquisition within larger volumes.

Depending on the required resolution and precision, different camera resolutions and measuring fields are available for the PrimeScan. The white light scanner is available in eight fixed configurations, allowing users to select the perfect tool for their particular digitisation task.