Dorsey 24” Horizontal Profile Projector – 24P

The 24P is designed to be an all purpose measurement/inspection instrument capable of performing both light and heavy duty tasks. Choose any lens system to customize this machine to match your requirements.



  • 24″ (600mm) Vertical screen for optimum viewing
  • Erect and reversed profile image
  • High resolution ground glass screen with calibration reticle, 90 degree cross lines
  • Machined chart ring with vernier protractor, 1 minute graduation, and chart clips
  • Coated telecentric parfocal optics
  • 3 position rotary lens & condenser turret (4 position optional)
  • Quartz halogen profile light source 24V, 150W
  • Bright 250W fiber optic surface illumination
  • Solid cast iron, nickel plated stage
    • Triple universal dovetails accomodate wide range of fixtures
    • 36″ x 8″ (914x200mm)overall size
    • Crossed roller bearings for superior performance
    • 500 lbs capacity
    • 24″(610mm) X-axis motorized travel
    • 10″ (250mm)Y-axis motorized travel
    • 3″ Motorized focus travel
    • Linear scale resolution 0.00025mm/.00001″
    • ±15 degree true parfocal helix stage adjustment, with 5 minute vernier
    • Joystick control, computerized microstep motor controller with X and Y axes & focus
  • Integrated hood
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate
  • 2 Year limited warranty


Optional Features:

  • Internal edge detection
  • Nikon optics
  • Output for electronic rotary screen protractor (Q-axis) with selectable 1 minute or 1/100 of a degree resolution
  • Choice of readout options
  • CNC computer controlled readout systems
  • Extra bright through lens surface illumination with Nikon lens option
  • Harsh Environment package
  • Wide selection of lenses
  • Extended hood & curtains
  • Tooling