Plastiform Precision 3D Dimensional Replica for Quality Control

Created in 1972, RIVELEC company manufactures and develops polymer compounds for high precision Dimensional Print Moulding. Headquartered near Montpellier in France, RIVELEC markets its technical products under the brand PLASTIFORM®, and provides for more than 35 years innovative and alternative solutions for metrology control, quality control and a whole host of other applications. Originally developed for the French space program to carry out Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) by Dimensional Print Moulding, PLASTIFORM® products are now a benchmark in the most demanding fields, including :

Aeronautic, Aerospace, Watch industry, Cosmetics, Automotive, Formula 1, Energy, Precision Engineering, Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries and many other high-technology areas…


PLASTIFORM® products are made up of two components that solidify upon contact (mixing ratio 1:1). While curing, they imitate all details of the surface on which they are applied with a very high precision: dimensions, forms, texture, surface finish…

The products exist in different versions and consistencies:

  • Liquid products (SRL)
  • Cement product (SRC)
  • Dough products (SRD)