Kulzer – Consumables for Grinding and Polishing – CAMEO Silver & Gold

The CAMEO ® DISK Silver and CAMEO ® DISK Gold are special fine grinding wheels with a high, constant removal rate. CAMEO ® DISK replaces all pre-sanding steps for which sandpaper with grain sizes 240 – 4000 is used. The patented honeycomb pattern of the CAMEO ® DISK optimizes the way in which the sprayed BioDiamant Liquids work, as diamond liquid is continuously released. The CAMEO ® process guarantees optimal flatness for all types of specimens.

The CAMEO ® DISK is available in 2 different versions:
• CAMEO ® DISK Silver for medium-hard to very hard materials (> 200 HV)
• CAMEO ® DISK Gold for soft and non-ferrous materials


Application advantages
• Simple handling
• Economical – CAMEO ® replaces the whole range of SiC papers from grain 240 – 4000 with one disc
• The patented surface profile produces an even removal

  • The micro-containers of the CAMEO® “dose” the applied abrasive. The consumption of abrasives is noticeably reduced compared to other systems . Use as well as designed for grinding by hand. CAMEO® DISK is compatible with all systems
    • The removal – CAMEO ® DISK impresses with its high removal rate. The result is a time-saving preparation with optimal surface flatness of all samples
    • Rational – The CAMEO ® method allows the use of a wide range of different grain sizes of diamond suspensions. This enables the preparation of different materials with just one disk


Use of the CAMEO ® DISK
CAMEO ® DISK is used for fine grinding of soft to very hard metallographic samples. The use of CAMEO ® DISK Silver or CAMEO ® DISK Gold depends on the sample material. Together with the BioDiamant Liquids, CAMEO ® DISK guarantees fast sample preparation with optimal flatness and an excellent finish.


Automatic preparation:
In order to achieve a precise flatness of the samples and an even removal of the CAMEO ® DISK , the sample holder is placed so that the samples on the inside and outside a few millimetres, max. 1/3 of the sample diameter, over the active Protrude from the working surface of the disc.

Manual preparation:
When working manually on the CAMEO ® panes, make sure that the panes are used evenly. In order to achieve even wear of the panes, the samples are moved from the edge to the center during the preparation process.


Polishing agents
The CAMEO ® DISK work in combination with diamond liquids. A range of diamond liquids of 12 – 6 µm is recommended for using the CAMEO ® DISK Silver . The CAMEO ® DISK Gold works with diamond liquids between 12-3 µm. When selecting the diamond liquids, the material properties of the samples must be taken into account. Diamond liquids must be sprayed on at regular intervals.


In order to maintain the quality of the CAMEO ® DISK , it is recommended to clean the disc with a brush under running water after each use and then to dry it with compressed air.