Kulzer – Consumables for Grinding and Polishing – BioDiamant Liquids

BioDiamant Liquids are diamond abrasives that meet the high quality requirements, both the high quality of the abrasive and the health and environmental compatibility.

What are the essential criteria that make a high-quality diamond suspension?
• Optimal grain size distribution
• High diamond concentration
• Economical in consumption
• Ready-to-use
• Suspensions that prevent application errors (inhomogeneity, fading) through optimal coordination of all components and thus achieve consistently high, reproducible quality, of course in very short polishing times.

But what about your health?
Precisely due to the spraying process, not inconsiderable proportions of the suspensions are released into the environment, which can be inhaled by the user. We believe that high-performance products do not have to be equally toxic to humans and nature. We document this objective with the name: BioDiamant


Application benefits

  • more powerful than conventional diamond liquids
  • to be processed optimally in the machine or manually
  • enormously high diamond concentration
  • low distribution of grain sizes
  • no risk to health
  • integrated lubricant
  • Ready-to-use in spray bottle

As with all diamond suspensions from Kulzer, all BioDiamant Liquids are used without additional lubricants, which leads to consistent, reproducible quality and means significant savings in consumption. This ensures that the same number of diamonds is always sprayed on and that partial dilution of the suspension is avoided. In order to guarantee the high quality of the abrasives, the individual components such as lubricant, consistency, diamond particle shape and size must be optimally matched to one another. The closely tolerated grain size distribution has a very important influence on quality. BioDiamant abrasives meet all of these requirements.

Grain sizes:
blue – 12 µm
green – 9 µm
yellow – 6 µm
orange – 3 µm
red – 1 µm

In addition to the color-coded liquids, the special types MM 140 are also available as an unpigmented variant and the diamond stick as a diamond paste. All BioDiamant Liquids can be optimally applied with automatic dosing devices as well as in the manual pump bottle.


Why BioDiamant?
Biodegradable is not necessarily harmless to health!
The development and manufacture of biodegradable products is becoming more and more important, not least to comply with environmental guidelines. As a result, there is a belief that biodegradable products do not pose any health risks. In fact, however, organic molecules can be environmentally friendly and nonetheless highly toxic to humans. Many abrasive formulations contain additives that guarantee high product efficiency. Some of the additives (e.g. glycol ethers), even used in small amounts, involve toxic risks and pollutants. Glycol ethers e.g. B. are liquid substances that are both hydrophilic (soluble in water) and lipophilic (soluble in oil). Glycol ethers are very biodegradable, but also very dangerous to human health.


BioDiamant Liquids are more than just environmentally friendly!
In order to avoid these risks, which can arise in the daily handling of abrasives when touching and inhaling, it was possible during the development of BioDiamant products to replace glycol ether with a formulation that is harmless to health. All raw materials for BioDiamant products thus comply with the European standards 1999/45 / EC and 2000/59 / EC. We have thus achieved the objective of offering the user high-performance products without any environmental or health risks. This development is documented with the name: BioDiamant


New final polishing solution made of aluminum oxides with a very high degree of purity. The extremely finely broken down particles guarantee an excellent polish. Easy to use and particularly suitable for final polishing of soft materials. The superfinish is available in 2 grain sizes (superfinish 1 = 0.25 μm and superfinish 2 = 0.05 μm).