Kulzer – Consumables for Embedded Sample – Technovit 2021 LC FAST

Technovit 2021 LC FAST is an odor-free, light-curing 1-component plastic for transparent grinding embedding based on high-molecular special monomers. Technovit 2021 LC FAST has been developed for fast, crystal-clear embeddings in a wide variety of areas, especially for applications where visual inspection is required.


Material properties
Technovit 2021 LC FAST liquid is light-curing and is cured with harmless, visible blue light in the Kulzer Technotray POWER polymerisation device. The unlimited pot life allows optimal positioning and infiltration of the sample. Since there is no mixing process, the material can be processed without losses.

The product is very easy to use, so that perfect embeddings can be achieved after a short training period.

Due to the special recipe, the Technovit 2021 LC FAST does not outgas , so processing under a fume cupboard can be dispensed with.

Special polymerisation regulators produce crystal-clear and bubble-free specimens after 5 minutes in the Technotray POWER under harmless blue light.

The low viscosity of Technovit 2021 LC FAST and the associated mold filling capacity enables the sample to be stabilized over the entire cross-section and thus optimal preparation.

The good abrasion resistance and the low shrinkage ensure easy mechanical workability of the ground surface and excellent microscopic evaluation.


The samples to be embedded with Technovit 2021 LC FAST must be clean and free of grease in order to avoid a separating layer between the sample and the embedding plastic or possible reactions with the embedding plastic.

Position the sample on the bottom of the Kulzer embedding form and optionally fix it with Technovit 2000 LC fixing paste. Place the cylinder of the embedding mold on the floor, fill the mold with Technovit 2021 LC FAST , vacuum infiltrate if necessary. Cure the sample for 5 minutes in the Technotray POWER and then remove it from the mold.


Advantages of Technovit 2021 LC FAST:

  • THFMA and MMA free
  • odorless
  • pollutant-reduced, free of CMR substances
  • no material loss (1-component material)
  • very easy to use
  • almost unlimited processing
  • super flowable and suitable for vacuum
  • no outgassing, no deduction necessary
  • fast controlled curing
  • low gap formation
  • no blistering
  • optimal transparency
  • alcohol and acid resistant
  • Can be used in the SEM
  • polymerizes without harmful UV light, but under blue light
  • good value for money
  • large sample throughput possible