Diatest Precision Splitbore Gauge


Split-ball probes are flexible and universal bore gauges for indicating internal measurements. The modular design with extensive accessories enables gauging of most common bores. This allows a use for serial and individual control as well as preferentially in the plant directly at the production machine. More efficiency on 40.63 mm

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DLC Black Diamond – The new DLC coating

No matter whether you choose our smallest split-ball probe with 0.47 mm or our largest split-ball probe with 41.10 mm. All DIATEST split-ball probes are protected by a new diamond-like DLC coating. They are “tougher in the face”. Concrete advantage: Longer service life – More intensive use – High economic efficiency!

DLC Black Diamond:

  • Extremely high wear protection, due to low frictional resistance
  • Full REACH conformity
  • Safety due to high hardness and resistance
  • Safety due to sustained accuracy and precision
  • Safety through DIATEST quality

Range of application:

  • DLC coated Standard split-ball probe: Ø 0.47 – 41.1mm
  • Split-ball probes, carbide inserted:Ø 1.5 – 41.1 mm
  • Standard split-ball probes, ceramic inserted: Ø 3.7 – 41.1 mm
  • Blind bore probes, DLC coated plated: Ø 1.5 – 41.1 mm
  • T-3P: 3 – Point probes: Ø 4.75 – 150.6 mm
  • Split-ball probe to measure deeper bores: Ø 2.05 – 9.8 mm
  • Split-ball probes for parallel measurement: Ø 4.7 – 41.1 mm
  • Special shapes on request, respectively measurement of O.D., recesses, etc
  • Zero setting in setting master e. g. according to DIATEST company standard or DIN 2250-C

Repeatability (standard split-ball probes): manual gauging ca. 1 μm, gauging in stand < 0.5 μm

In addition to bore measurement, DIATEST split-ball probes can detect geometrical shape defects such as ovality, concentricity, barrel-shape, etc.

A large assortment of accessories completes the split ball range. Sets of Split Ball probes in a wooden box can be purchased, e. g. with a measurement range of 3.7 to 9.8 mm. Mechanical indicators with a resolution of 0.01 resp. 0.001 mm can be used for display, or digital min-max indicators which can transfer the measured values via DIAWIRELESS.

Chrome-plated probes and other Special shapes and solutions on request.