PFL Air Gauge System

The pneumatic measurement or air gauging units and systems are mostly used for measuring cylindrical work piece features such as bores and shafts diameters. It is a non-contact measuring technique that performs dimensional and geometric checks of the part.

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It offers the following advantages:

  • Measurements are taken with high reliability, accuracy, and repeatability
  • Non-contact measurement eliminates the risk of damaging the work piece
  • Pneumatic measurement system can be operated in harsh environment
  • Air pressure acts as a powerful cleaner at the measuring points, thus enabling the user to inspect even dirty, oiled, and greased surfaces
  • Inexperienced users and qualified staff are usually promptly convinced of the safety use and fast and stable results, as tolerances are more and more tight on the shop floor


We can supply:

  • Air plugs
  • Air rings
  • Air plugs and rings for ISO taper
  • Air forks
  • Air converter
  • Air to electronic converters
  • Various accessories
  • Masters and certificates
  • Turnkey solutions