Kroeplin Caliper Gauge

Ever since its foundation in 1883 Kroeplin have been involved in development and production of handy reliable and precise gauges for the measurement of lengths and thicknesses, especially for the metalworking industry. Thus the quicktest system was created, which was the basis for all further innovations and also for the electronic dial indicators. Experience is the solid foundation for quality. Careful observation and analysis of the market, flexible realization of requirements, convincing measuring concepts – that is the philosophy that makes Kroeplin successful.

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Caliper gauges differ first and foremost depending on the type of measurement required:

“Internal measurement”, for example the inside diameter of a drill hole, or “external measurement”, for example wall or material thickness. In the “special measurement” section, you will find special equipment for the aerosol industry and dental sector. If you have a measuring problem which cannot be solved with the devices listed, simply contact us.