Otsuka Coaxial Illuminated LED Magnifier – Surflight Series

Product Features

  • The magnifier has finally been converted to coaxial illumination, combining the features of the illuminated magnifier and coaxial illumination.
  • The coaxial illumination can illuminate the object under observation from the same direction as the optical axis of the lens, making it possible to visualize the unevenness of the object under observation.
  • The magnification can be switched between 2X and 4X, and AR coating is applied to reduce annoying glare.
  • The rectangular shape of the lens is similar to the human field of view, allowing both eyes to see the observed object in three dimensions.
Technical Specification

Technical Specification


Product Name : Surflight

Model Name : SL130F(Table clamp type) / SL130B (Desktop Type)

Line Up 2x, 4x switchable (area magnification) Optical lens glass lens with AR (anti-reflection) coating
Lens dimensions Effective diameter130mm×50mm
Light Source White LED
Rated power consumption 16W
AC adapter type UNIFIVE336-2415(24V/1.5) Weight: 270g
AC adapter input voltage AC100V~240V 50/60Hz
AC adapter shape A plug
AC adapter cord length 1800m
Dimming function Yes (100 to 0%)
Main body
Dustproof and waterproof protection class IP30 (for indoor use only)
Operating temperature range 0℃~35℃
Weight 3.1kg
Clamping width (mm) 15-60 (board thickness)