Affri Semi Automatic Vickers Hardness Tester – WIKI 90

Microhardness testing machine Wiki 90 JS is a Vickers and Knoop hardness tester with test loads from 0,001 to 62,5 kgf. This hardness tester is suitable to test Micro Vickers, Macro Vickers, Knoop, and Brinell hardness test scales. Wiki 90 JS is conformed to all hardness standards including ASTM and ISO.

Motorized and automatic, the test is not affected by operator influences and can easily be used by operators of every level



Micro hardness tester WIKI 90 JS is a motorized and automatic system for Vickers, Knoop, or Brinell hardness testing with load cell technology, a high-definition camera for indent auto-reading, and a motorized turret with 6 positions. Fully conforms to ASTM and ISO hardness standards.

The microhardness measurement:

The test operation is very simple, just load the sample and click the START icon: the hardness tester indents the sample, moves to the camera, measures, and generates data dynamically. Semi-automatic case hardness depth (CHD) can be easily done thanks to the 1µm step XY table connected to the PC and the step-by-step assisted procedure.

For micro-macro Vickers and CHD case depth tests on all metals: iron, steel, tempered steel, cast iron, brass, aluminum, copper, and metal alloys. Heat treatment, hardening, nitriding, cementation, and hard facing. Knoop test on ceramic and glass materials.

Speed, accuracy, and infinite functions in a semi-automatic solution.



    Single or multiple traverses/patterns can be rapidly created. With one simple click of the line, the angle and the starting point of the indentations are determined.
    Digital micrometers connected to the PC. Movements resolution of 1 µm step. Step-by-step assisted procedure to easily test at the perfectly right XY quote.
    No need to create the same pattern over and over again. This feature is extremely useful for users who analyze the same kind of areas repeatedly. Once a pattern has been created, you can save it and re-load it later to duplicate the analysis on a new sample.
    Select the pattern from the preview image and modify direction, position, hardness scale, number and distances of indent, pattern name, and point of focus.
    Zoom out to look at the entire sample in order to identify the pattern position and direction. Zoom-in to verify pattern distances and spot surface imperfections.



It can’t be easier! The Vickers software is suitable to fulfill any measuring need and to be accessible to every operator.
This is a “SMART SOFTWARE”, extremely user friendly but complete of all the functions needed for simple or multi- cycles Vickers hardness tests:

  • Single and simple Vickers test
  • The automatic conversion in all scales (Rockwell, Brinell, Knoop, ASTM, and ISO)
  • Multi-test and multi-sample hardness test with automatic cycle
  • Automatic Vickers case hardness depth (CHD, NHT, EHT, RHT, ..)
  • The dimensional measure of layers
  • Crack measurements
  • Automatic Vickers test on Welding
  • Direct result export via Ethernet
  • Customizable test report with the client logo, specimen information, indent images, statistics, and graphs.

Ready for INDUSTRY 4.0!



Micro hardness tester Wiki 90 JS has software designed for intuitive and simple use. All you have to do, for case hardness depth, with three easy steps:

Obtain a perfect, detailed, high-resolution panoramic view of the sample using the panoramic feature. The picture is clear, sharp, and without any distortion.

Create, save, open, modify, copy or paste Vickers multi-tests to predefined locations with a simple click. Create case depth traverses or fill a surface with indentation points to control sample uniformity.

The hardness tester brings you to the right position, indents the sample, measures, and generates data dynamically. Review results in graphical and/or tabular format. Export results to any spreadsheet application, or simply print standard or customized reports.

The Vickers hardness tester teaches the operator how to move, saving time and money, thus increasing the accuracy of results.



When testing unstable samples or deflecting parts, the AFFRI System will follow the sample without losing contact thanks to its infinite stroke for indenter and clamping hood.

Load forces are applied through load cells and controlled in “Closed Loop” with a frequency of 1 kHz, assuring perfect linearity in every range. Results are not affected by any structural deflection, misalignment, or vibration.
Accurate measurements on the first test, even in extreme conditions, eliminate the need for repeated tests. The R&R data is at the top of its class.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification


Test loads: from 1 gf to 62.5 kgf (0.0098 to 612.9 N)
Vickers ISO 6507 / ASTM E-384 E-92: HV0.001 – HV0.005 – HV0.01 – HV0.015 – HV0.02 – HV0.025 – HV0.05 – HV0.1 – HV0.2 – HV0.3 – HV0.5 – HV1 – HV2 – HV3 – HV5 – HV10 – HV20 – HV30 – HV50
Knoop ISO 4545 / ASTM E-384 E-92: HK0.01 – HK0.02 – HK0.025 – HK0.05 – HK0.1 – HK0.2 – HK0.3 – HK0.5 – HK1
Brinell ISO 6506 / ASTM E-10: HBW 1/1 – HBW 1/1.25 – HBW 1/2.5 – HBW 2.5/62.5 – HBW 1/5 – HBW 1/10 – HBW 1/30 – HBW 2.5/6.25 – HBW 2.5/7.8125 – HBW 2.5/15.625 – HBW 2.5/31.25 – HBW 2.5/62.5