Affri Manual Fast Operation Rockwell Hardness Tester – RSD Series


Rockwell hardness testers RSD series: Automatic, simple and very fast hardness tester HRC HRB HRA and other scales, with test loads from 3 to 250 kgf. Rockwell or Superficial Rockwell and Brinell HBWT. Conform to ASTM E10 – E18 – E103 / ISO 6506 – 6508 standards.



Rockwell hardness testers RSD are extremely accurate system with automatic preloading, loading and measurements. RSD AFFRI System hardness testers achieve the highest level of depth accuracy and measurement resolution available for Rockwell tests. Thanks to the AFFRI System, the real indentation measurement is guaranteed without any external interference in any condition.

  1. Auto-contact with the specimen
  2. Automatic clamping and activation of the reference surface point
  3. Auto preloading and loading
  4. Automatic measure
  5. Auto-return stroke when releasing the lever

The entire test cycle is complete and the result appears on the display.

Only 3 seconds for one hardness test! (more with standardized dwell time)



Rockwell hardness testers RSD measuring head is equipped with a vertical sliding stroke of 50 mm / 2” including automatic contact with test surface.

The stroke also allows easy and fast tests on pieces with different thicknesses without acting on the tester head or the elevating screw.

When testing unstable samples or deflecting parts, the AFFRI System will follow the sample without losing contact thanks to its 50 mm stroke for indenter and clamping hood.

Accurate measurements on the first test, even in extreme conditions, will eliminate the need for repeated tests. The R&R data is at the top of its class.



Secure contact with the specimen is always maintained, even in the unlikely event of any specimen movement during the operation cycle. The clamping system blocks the specimen before the measurement cycle, it moves with the head for the whole measuring stroke generating a constant pressure. The clamping system assures perfect stability of any test piece throughout the test cycle.

  1. Perfect stability of any test piece throughout the test cycle
  2. Safe testing on oiled, rusty or dirty samples
  3. No more need for pedestals or additional support for the specimen
  4. The indenter is protected and retracted minimizing the risk of accidental damages.
  5. Test long bars, tubes or rings in just few seconds

The clamping works automatically when pulling the lever!  It can’t be easier than this!



Chances are you will never meet a similar test condition (as shown left) with a foam support under your test piece. At Affri we test each instrument under extreme conditions to assure the accuracy of every test.

The top surface referencing design minimizes errors caused by anvil ling problems associated with dirt or scale. This reduces sample preparation time and increases both accuracy and speed.

Absolute accuracy is assured even at the first indentation test. The constant clamping surface assures the right measurement with no need to repeat the test. The first result is correct and ABSOLUTE!

Technical Specification

Technical Specification


Load forces: from 3 to 187,5 kgf (From 29,42 to 1839 N)
Rockwell: HRA – HRB – HRC – HRD – HRF – HRG – HRL – HRM – HRR  /  HRN – HRT
Brinell HBWT: HB 30 – HB 10 – HB 5 MPa (F/D2)
Vickers (Only indentation): HV3 – HV10 – HV15 – HV30 – HV60 – HV100