Affri Portable Magnetic Clamping Type Hardness Tester – RS MAG

Affri Portable Magnetic Clamping Type Hardness Tester – RS MAG

ASTM E-18 E-10 E-110 E-103 E384
ISO 6508 6507 6506 Standards



Portable hardness tester RSDMAG: how does it work?

Pulling one single start lever the hardness result will appear in a few seconds. Portable hardness tester RSDMAG is so simple and easy to use that there is no need for any particular preparation by the operator:

  1. Identify the test area and place the hardness tester on the sample, no matter the size or geometry
  2. Locking the base lever the magnet will strongly adhere to the test piece for the entire test cycle
  3. Start the test and in 4 seconds the result will appear on the display scale or dial gauge

The RSDMAG solves all types of problems. It can be used as a conventional hardness tester or as a portable system for on-site testing when test pieces are too large or too heavy for a bench hardness tester. The load cell inside has no impact force, while the AFFRI vertical movement permits a fully automatic test cycle in any direction, even upside down.



Thanks to the portable hardness tester RSDMAG with magnetic clamping base it is possible to perform hardness tests on very bulky samples directly in the production department. Try our portable hardness tester on: Oil and Gas pipes (also on-site), valves, tubes and steel bars, flat rolled steel plates, forged steel rings, rails, train wheels, drilling tools, walls and roofs.

Safe clamping on any sample! From round to flat, with self-alignment of the indenter with the measurement axis

Operative at 360°! Completely uninfluenced by direction so that it is operative even upside down

Very fast, even 3″ for one hardness test! (adjustable dwell time)



The software controls the whole instrument during the entire cycle avoiding operator errors: LCD screen, hard disk for data and statistics storage. Data outputs that connect to a printer or computer with an RS232C or USB connection. Hardness testing data are simultaneously shown on the LCD graphic display:

  • Detected values in various simultaneous scales
  • Average of the values with automatic updating
  • Battery level
  • Results according to the tolerance limits expressed both numerically and graphically
  • Programmable test preload and load timer
  • Statistics and Gauss diagram, sound signal to indicate the end of the cycle
  • Display the environment temperature and the date.
Technical Specification

Technical Specification


Test loads: from 3 to 187,5 kgf (from 29,42 to 1839 N)
Rockwell: HRA – HRB – HRC – HRD – HRF – HRG – HRL – HRM – HRR  /  HRN – HRT
Brinell HBWT: HB 30 – HB 10 – HB 5 MPa (F/D2)
Vickers (Only indentation): HV3 – HV10 – HV15 – HV30 – HV60 – HV100