Kosaka Roughness & Contour Measuring Instrument – SEF800-N

  • Measurement of roughness and contour is possible only by exchanging the pick-up.
  • Digital scale is used in contour pick-up elements, enable high resolution and high accuracy measurement are possible.
  • With Plateau surface analysing software and Morphological contact-point filter.
  • Improved positioning speed.
  • Equipped with pick-up overload halt function as standard.


Roughness Specification

Measuring Range (Z) 600µm
Measuring Range (X) 100mm
Z resolution 16bits/Range
Straightness 0.2µm/100mm


Contour Specification

Measuring Range (Z) 60mm
Measuring Range (X) 100mm
Z resolution 0.025µm
Straightness 1µm/100mm