MERCURY – A flexible trio

MERCURY stands for three different versions of horizontal-arm coordinate measuring machines (CMM). All of them are based on a modular concept. Automatic machines, disengageable drives for manual operations, single-, dual- or multiple-arm-configurations, tactile probes, optical sensors, scribing devices, fixtures…You name it. The MERCURY line offers it.

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MERCURY’s outstanding price performance ratio is especially attractive for companies with limited budgets. Thanks to its modularity this CMM line is suitable for rebuilding existing installations which require a technological update. To make previous investments really pay off.

Make your choice from three different versions:

MERCURY C (Console)

  • Ideal system to inspect medium-sized components
  • Measuring arms on guideways at the side of the worktable
  • Integration in existing worktable
  • Optionally, the system is available including a worktable
  • Single or dual arm configuration

MERCURY R (Runway)

  • For measuring medium-sized, large, very large or heavy workpieces
  • Arms on guideways decoupled from the workplate
  • Guideways can be installed on the floor or flush to the floor for better ergonomics
  • Single, dual or multiple arm configuration


  • Guideways machined into the workplate
  • Integration in existing worktable to leverage previous investments
  • The system is also available including a worktable
  • Single or dual arm configuration

Use the full power of our sensor technology: The MERCURY measuring systems can be equipped with fixed or indexable measurement heads, continuous wrists, touch-trigger probes and laser sensors.