BRAVO HA – Car body in-process gaging

BRAVO HA is the highest performance horizontal-arm measuring robot available on the market. Designed to operate in industrial environments, the BRAVO HA is the optimized answer to the dimensional inspection of car bodies and sub-assemblies in the shop floor. The exclusive design, innovative materials and advanced technical solutions enable BRAVO HA to achieve the best metrologic and dynamic performance in the harshest environmental conditions.

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BRAVO HA is an advanced line of measuring and inspection robots for high-speed flexible in-process gauging of car bodies and sub-assemblies. BRAVO HA are rugged, fast and highly reliable systems designed to operate in the harshest industrial environments, for production process monitoring and control. These systems are designed to be easily integrated into the production line and can be equipped with exclusive high-speed non-contact measuring heads that allow inspecting sheet metal features in 1/10 of the time currently needed with conventional probing systems.

Due to the modular open structure BRAVO HA can be easily integrated into the production line and configured in multi-arm cells that combine the flexibility and ease of programming of CMMs with the speed and user friendliness of conventional measuring gauges. The combination of several original design solutions makes BRAVO HA extremely stable, stiff and resistant to the harsh shop floor conditions. Maximum speed of 52 m/min, acceleration of up to 2.9 m/s2 and FLY axis interpolation make BRAVO HA one of the most efficient body-in-white robots in the market.

  • Accuracy – Accurate and reliable measurement data to ensure the best preventive actions.
  • Outstanding reliability – Thanks to the advanced multisensor temperature compensation system, the very rigid and fully protected mechanical frame and the inner forced air circulation systems BRAVO HA can operate in the most severe industrial environments.
  • Speed – The highest dynamics in the market.
  • Flexibility – Inspection of different kinds of parts with a single measurement cell.
  • Modularity – The measurement cell is customized to meet the specific requirements of the production process.
  • HR-ACW-AC continuous wrist available in the standard configuration
  • Non-contact laser sensors available as option
  • Continuous 3rd axis module to efficiently integrate non-contact sensors to HH-ACW-43MW wrist available as option
  • HR-ACW-AC automatic sensors and extensions changer available as option
  • Warm-up station for laser sensor, available on the HR-ACW-AC tool changer
  • Silicon carbide Y ram which combines maximum rigidity with small cross section for excellent accessibility to the inside of the car body
  • Aluminium-plate walkable covers on the X axis
  • Provision for installation flush to the floor
  • Optical anti-crash protection system on Y axis