Leitz PMM-G

Leitz PMM-G – Worlds largest high precision CMM & gear inspection system

The Leitz PMM-G provides highest accuracy and a highly enhanced throughput for large-size XXL workpieces. These workpieces are used for example in aircraft and aerospace industries or in ship engine constructions. Also the measurement of large gears used in wind turbines is possible. Despite such large measuring strokes, the Leitz PMM-G reaches a precision and performance level, which is usually common with much smaller 3D measuring machines.

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With the Leitz PMM-G, the probing frequency, acceleration, maximum speed and scanning performance are significantly enhanced.
The Leitz PMM-G features the Overhead Design with integrated U-shaped foundation for highest accuracy and high throughput. As a result, all moving masses have been minimized.

The X axis is equipped with dual drive motion systems and transducer systems. The PMM-G features also the Leitz LSP-S2 scanning probing system. This probe head measures very precisely even with long and heavy styli. Styli configurations of up to 800 mm and 1000 g are possible.

Leitz PMM-G gear inspection systems provide several advantages compared to a conventional single purpose gear tester:

  • They are much more flexible, as not only gears but any component can be measured.
  • Leitz gear inspection systems work without a rotary table, i.e. alignment or centering of the gear is not required.
  • Unrivalled throughput by automatically measuring a large number of gears on one pallet.
  • Complete inspection of gears mounted on long shafts of up to 7000 mm.
  • All datums are measured as specified in the drawing, even in large internal gears.
  • Moving gantry in overhead design with minimized moving mass
  • Massive granite guiding structures in X and Y, on two-point support
  • Ceramic Z-ram
  • Dual drives and dual scales in X
  • Leitz LSP-S2 probe system, suitable for stylus length up to 800 mm
  • Integrated pneumatic damping system for machine and foundation