Leitz PMM-C Line

Accuracy at a premium – ultra-high precision CMM and gear measuring systems

Leitz PMM-C Overview

The Leitz PMM-C line combines highly accurate 3D metrology performance with well-proven gear measurement capabilities. These coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) can be equipped with tactile probes for maximised scanning accuracy and a variety of optical sensors for non-contact measurements.

Every detail of the Leitz PMM-C series is focused on achieving certainty with accurate information users can trust. Leitz PMM-C series measuring machines can also be used as gear measuring systems, enabling fast and ultra-precise inspection of any kind of gears, up to a diameter of 1 550 mm. Gear cutting tools such as hob cutters, broaches, shaper cutters and shaving gears can be measured easily.


Closed-Frame Design
The granite base with a fixed portal of cast iron and a granite crossbeam ensures long-term stability. The high stiffness of the measurement axes is designed to ensure consistent accuracy over the entire measurement volume.


Moving Table
The travelling measuring table on pre-loaded air bearings with centrally-positioned spindle drive ensures constant dimensional relationships and efficient movement sequences with no tilting or twisting.


Best Reproducibility 
High-resolution scales offer the highest reproducibility of measurement results.


High Stability
The active pneumatic damping system ensures stable measurement procedures, eliminating the influence of vibrations.

Accuracy levels

Leitz PMM-C XI- [um]: 0.5 + L/500
Leitz PMM-C- [um]: 0.5 + L/700
Leitz Ultra- [um]: 0.4 + L/850
Leitz Infinity- [um]: 0.3 + L/1000


Rotary Tables – Leitz
Typically coordinate measurement is at its limits when inspecting parts which require multiple probe changes such as very small and complex internal gearing.