Invest Small, Save Big

Demand for increasing product quality continues to grow. To meet this demand and remain competitive, manufacturers are replacing manual inspection methods with automated measurement solutions that can continually adapt to their changing quality requirements. GLOBAL Lite is a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that combines reliable, accurate dimensional inspection with cost reduction throughout the quality process. Readily adaptable with a range of Hexagon solutions, this future-ready CMM is designed to grow with your organisation, helping you meet new challenges and capitalise on emerging opportunities. Offering certified quality free from human error, GLOBAL Lite cuts the risk of rejected parts and reduces scrap. Cycle times are enhanced and labour costs are reduced as operators can complete work away from the CMM while routines run automatically. Although designed for smaller budgets, GLOBAL Lite goes beyond the essentials of quality assurance to push your inspection productivity further, with optimised accuracy, dynamics, and robustness.


The exclusive design behind thousands of CMMs

From the construction materials used, to machining and assembly, GLOBAL Lite has been crafted to give you stable and repeatable results. GLOBAL Lite is built on the Hexagon expertise that has driven CMM innovation from the technology’s beginnings to the present day. Bringing together elements of Hexagon’s most successful advancements, GLOBAL Lite uses a range of innovative technologies to deliver maximum inspection efficiency and confidence.

GLOBAL Lite’s multi-probing capabilities supports a wide range of applications. High-precision, self-cleaning air bearings enable smooth axis movement, reducing wear on the guideways and maximising long-term performance. The one-piece granite table construction helps resist vibrations, and remote mounted drive motors reduce moving mass for faster setting, dissipating heat away from the machine frame. In addition to these unique Hexagon technologies, GLOBAL Lite is compatible with a full range of Hexagon solutions so the machine can continually evolve in line with your application requirements.