Simplify Your CMM Operation with Automatic Part Identification, Alignment and Measurement Deployment

EYE-D automatically identifies, aligns and launches a measurement routine for a part placed on a CMM, allowing operators to eliminate error and increase productivity.


Groundbreaking in its ease of use, EYE-D is an automated part recognition and alignment tool that makes identifying and aligning parts as well as launching the measurement routine with a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) as simple as pressing a button.

Instead of having to manually align parts, operators place them on the CMM’s measurement table and EYE-D does the rest.

Designed to facilitate smarter inspection, EYE-D comes with an industrial 4K camera, which allows it to recognise an object and automatically align it for measurement by a CMM. Its graphical interface is so simple and intuitive that production-level CMM operators can use it to run repeatable measurement routines with minimal training.

And because its industrial camera captures positioning and alignment data that can be integrated into wider collaborative software systems, EYE-D enables manufacturers to enrich their analysis of the entire manufacturing and quality control process. This makes it the ideal CMM tool for manufacturers developing smarter, more autonomous production environments.

EYE-D is available on selected bridge and shop-floor CMMs and can be added as an update to existing installed machines that are equipped with Inspect or PC-DMIS 2018 R2 and subsequent versions of the software.